Project: Ptolemy

Project: Ptolemy is an open source and customizable disaster management platform developed by NLT for responders, planners, and victims. The platform allows personnel involved in disaster situations to monitor, analyze, and take action to limit economic effects and personal injury. Worldwide crises can happen any given moment. Project: Ptolemy offers the ability to overcome disasters through robust planning tools, situational awareness tools, community engagement platforms, and a suite of researched disaster modeling functions. Moreover, the platform absorbs many open source projects so Project: Ptolemy to donate NLT’s code to the open source community. Developers and disaster management professionals are able to extend their expertise and improve this crisis-management platform, as enhanced Project: Ptolemy provides a greater chance at ensuring public safety, saving lives, and reducing the overall impact by disasters all across the globe.

Project: Ptolemy Offers:

  • Disaster Visualization
  • Automated damage assessments
  • Demographics Reporting
  • Open Data Sources which can be enhanced by users
  • Social Platform for engaging teams and communities
  • Forecast and plan for future response needs


For information, please contact us:

project ptolemy

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