NLT Presents on Serverless Architectures at FOSS4G Buenos Aries 2021

NLT was honored to present at the Free and Open Source 软件 for Geospatial (FOSS4G)布宜诺斯艾利斯在线会议.

组织的 开放资源地理空间基金会(OSGeo), FOSS4G is a large international conference that brings together developers, 用户, 决策者, and observers from a broad spectrum of organizations and fields for six days of workshops, 演讲, and meetings for participants to discuss advancements in 地理空间 products, 技术, 标准, 和协议.

NLT team members Robert Pitts (Program Manager) and Wes Richardet (软件 Architect) presented 为企业构建无h888皇冠app苹果版下载器的地理空间应用 在“用例和应用程序”轨道上,有大量的听众. 他们讨论了云的发展, the limitations of traditional 地理空间 application architectures, and the benefits of leveraging serverless designs for building scalable workflows and web applications. The presentation highlighted four case studies from their recent work developing dynamic cloud-native solutions for customers in large federal and state government organizations which have transformed the ability of geographers and data scientists to deliver meaningful insights for a range of complex missions at lower cost.

NLT是领先的集成云提供商, 皇冠hga010客户端下载, 软件开发, 数据分析, 地理空间, 科学咨询h888皇冠app苹果版下载. NLT offers distinctive capabilities in the delivery of cloud-native platforms that enable the collection, 集成, 建模, 隐私保护, 质量保证, and public release of federal data products and web-based decision support tools and is a recognized leader in integrating these capabilities in support of FEMA and homeland security missions. NLT的一系列技术合作伙伴,包括微软, AWS, Dell, Redhat, Esri, 赋格曲, 地球, and others enable the firm to incorporate best-in-class technologies, data, 并将其方法转化为为客户提供的皇冠hga010客户端下载. 欲了解更多有关NLT的信息,请h888皇冠app苹果版下载 here



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